My Assets


Here you can find all of my assets, published on Unity Asset Store.

Terrain Painter

Terrain Painter is used to paint prefabs and tessellated patches above the terrain. It can be used instead of standard Terrain painting system for prefabs. Tessellated patches can be used to extend terrain with dense details from heightmap textures.


URP PP Extensions

Post-Processing extensions pack was developed to add Sun-Shafts, Motion Blur and Realistic Water to URP as a standalone Render Features which you can add to your Universal Render Pipeline asset.


You can choose what to buy:

1. Full package

2. URP Motion Blur

3. URP Sun-Shafts

Terrain Slicer

You painted a large terrain with a lot of textures and... It's slow :) What can you do? Slice terrain to smaller size terrains and reduce amount of layers w/o loosing the quality. Only significant layers will be preserved. As a bonus you'll get layer optimization tool and terrain copy utility.


Link to Asset Store

Reflective Water

Simple Water System for URP w/o any dependencies to URP except simple ShaderGraph shaders to mix and animate to normal maps.

Reflection is built the same way it was done in Water from Unity Standard Assets - with extra camera.


Link to Asset Store


LOD Generator

Contains two tools: LOD Generator and Mesh Simplifier. Allows to simplify meshes and generate LODs with different optimization settings.

Both tools can be used for either for single mesh or all meshes nested to given GameObject. Result can contain reduced amount of meshes, can be combined to single multi-material mesh or left as separate optimized meshes.